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Activating obcommunity repository

To enable the [obcommunity] repository and start benefiting from packages signed by obcommunity, follow these steps:

Look for the new package obcommunity-keyring in the[obcommunity] repository. You must install this package to take advantage of the signatures on packages from this repository.

Edit the /etc/pacman.conf file, uncomment the lines related to the [obcommunity] repository and modify the SigLevel field as below.

SigLevel = Never
Server =$repo/os/$arch/

Install the obcommunity-keyring package:

pacman -Sy obcommunity-keyring.

Edit the /etc/pacman.conf file again and change again the SigLevel field.

SigLevel = DatabaseOptional
Server =$repo/os/$arch/

Following these steps should allow you to install packages from the [obcommunity] repository and utilize their package signatures.

Thanks for your attention

Eric Vidal: