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66 reach the obcore repository

Dear Obarun users,

I'm pleased to announce that the 66 and skalibs packages have been moved from the [obcore-testing] repository to [obcore]. After three years of development, i'm happy to share the results of this work with you.

66 Migration Instructions

Dear Obarun users, the Obarun testing repositories are ready to be used to migrate your 66 program to the new release.

This documentation serves as a general guide and may not cover all possible scenarios. It is based on a system freshly installed from the latest ISO, so you may need to adapt these instructions to your specific setup.

Changes to Obarun XMPP Chat Client

We regret to inform our users that Movim will no longer be supported as a client for the Obarun XMPP chat server. Despite our efforts, we have encountered persistent issues with Movim, including instability, broken updates, and discrepancies between Docker images and development tags.

Testing Repositories update

We are currently in the process of updating packages in the [obcore-testing], [obextra-testing] and [observice-testing] repositories to provide the necessaries for the migration to the new release of 66.

66 preprod tag is out

We would like to inform you about the preprod release of 66. This release marks the completion of code development for the upcoming production release, with the focus shifting primarily to bug fixes from this point onward.